Chapter Name:  ASHRAE UK Midlands Chapter – Conference Call

Meeting Date:  9th February 2022 

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Chapter                               ☐                           BOG                                Section   

Attendance: (Total for chapter and section meetings only)

Members              9             Guests                 6                            Students                                           

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Joint Meeting?    Yes                                                 No                    

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Technical Speaker/Program:         Yes                                      No                                   





Eric Roberts (ER)

Saziye Dickson (SD) (chair)

Mahroo Eftekhari (ME)

Joshua Vasudevan (JV)

Edward Murphy (EM)

Patrick Prendergast (PP)

Amr Suliman (AS)

Ashwaq Mohammed (AM)

Georgios Vlachos (GV)

Dimitrios Tsilipiras (DT)

Ljubomir Jankovic (LJ)

Alkis Triantafyllopoulos (AT)

Frank Mills (FM)

Ijaz Shah (IS)

Enea Tseno (ET)







Darren Wilkinson (DW)






  1. Roll Call and Quorum
  2. Call to Order

 Ethics Statement

In this and all other ASHRAE meetings, we will act with honesty, fairness, courtesy, competence, inclusiveness and respect for others, which exemplify our core values of excellence, commitment, integrity, collaboration, volunteerism and diversity, and we shall avoid all real or perceived conflicts of interests.

  1. Chapter Goals
  • Serve as liaison between an individual member and ASHRAE
  • Make every Chapter meeting worthwhile
  • Provide professional and personal growth opportunities
  • Attract the best graduates to HVAC&R
  1. Approval of Agenda (Below)


  1. Single UK Chapter survey results (15 mins)
  2. Sustainability Committee (5 mins)
  3. PAOE (historical &GA) (10 mins)
  4. Letter for IAQ for Local Community (10 mins)
  5. Newsletter - ASHRAE Job Board ( 5 mins)
  6. Winter Conference and YEA update (5 mins)
  7. AOB

The agenda was accepted as written.

1.  Apologies


2. Minutes of the last meeting

None available


3.  Single UK Chapter survey results


341 eligible members total

330 UK members contacts were available

138 opened the poll email

56 responded to the email

For – 55

Against - 1

40 signatories required by ASHRAE to form new chapter – currently being sought

75% of members vote required to dismantle a chapter and 50% are required to carry it. 

A further meeting to help to move forward


4. Sustainability Committee

New members for the sustainability have been found to form the committee.

Co-chair being sought

JV & ME to follow up and report at next meeting


5. PAOE (historical & Government Affairs)


Points sought against these categories

Separate call to be arranged with FM and DT to discuss points


6. Letter for IAQ for Local Community


SD to do not yet done.

1 page A4 document to be sent out to local business

FM to proof read before distribution

FM & EM to discuss


7. Newsletter - ASHRAE Job Board 

Not relevant for UK Chapter

8. Winter conference report


JV Attended, Part of LeaDRS programme. Attended Board of Directors meeting. Seeking to make ASHRAE as a household name

Meeting with CIBSE graduates, discussion around future joint Young Engineers event

 9. AOB