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20-01-2021 6:00 pm -7:00 pm
Heat batteries – Revolutionising thermal storage

The world is on a mission to decarbonise. In 2019 the UK Government was the world’s first major economy to cast a its pledge to end its contribution to climate change by 2050 into law. While much progress has been made on decarbonising the UK’s electricity sector in recent years, the built environment is and remains a major challenge. A core vector for the decarbonisation of heat will be electrification, bringing with it challenges around the balancing of supply and demand that need to be addressed by increasing amounts of energy storage. Thermal storage has been a segment of the HVAC market that has seen little innovation over the decades. This presentation will discuss how the use of phase-change material based heat batteries will contribute to meeting the decarbonisation challenge in the built environment by providing the necessary flexibility in a future energy system. It will detail the functional principles of heat batteries, their theoretical applications as well as real world case-studies for their use in today’s projects.


24-02-2021 6:00 pm -7:00 pm
Industry Guidelines on Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has been an important part of building design and maintenance for well over 100 years. Initially the drive for indoor air quality was for people to be able to work in “healthy” buildings to prevent the spread of disease. With the invention of air conditioning this arguably led to the boom in Sick Building Syndrome in the 80s. And then towards the end of the 20th century, the environmental impact of air ventilation and conditioning became the priority with ever greener and sustainable energy initiatives becoming the focal point of how buildings supplied conditioned air. In the wake of Covid-19, it seems that disease control element is now taking the driving seat once more.


24-03-2021 6:00 pm -7:00 pm
Ground Source Heat Pumps and Shared Ground Loop Arrays

This presentation will introduce the concept of shared ground loop GSHP systems where one common ground array acts as the heat source to multiple properties, each with their own individual GSHP.

This system will be compared against traditional district heating systems and the benefits for householders, developers, social landlords and the environment will be discussed. Reference will also be made to Government policy and financial incentives that are helping to drive the interest in shared ground loop arrays, often referred to as ambient temperature loops. Case studies for both new build and retrofit projects will be presented along with some of the innovations that can expect to be seen in the near future


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