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Join us for a free, ninety minute presentation and discussion on how we can determine that the spaces we occupy are healthy to inhabit.

In these trying times, attention is turning to the things that really matter to us.. our friends and family. At a deeper level in Maslow's triangle the preservation of our health and wellbeing and that of our colleagues is now a critical focus of attention. Buildings as barriers to pathogens and other unhealthy compounds is the topic of this interesting talk by Edward Murphy. Edward a VP at Ashrae UK Midlands Chapter and founder of Ollio The Building Performance Consultancy was the co-author of a paper that informed some of the current research now happening at the University of Sheffield's Urban Flows Observatory.

This presentation talk given to the CIBSE Technical Symposium in 2019 and now updated to take account of the COVID19 pandemic, explores the state of our indoor air quality and reviews the sensing technologies we have at our disposal to check if the air we breath is as healthy as we would like to think it is.

Where does this fit in with the rise in popularity of Health and Wellbeing certification, and what impacts is the latest pandemic outbreak likely to have on attempts to ventilate social distanced spaces at work.

Places are limited so be sure to book early.

Event Date 20-05-2020 4:00 pm
Event End Date 20-05-2020 5:30 pm
Cut off date 20-05-2020 4:00 pm
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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic our planned event at Loughborough has now been moved online at the earlier start time of 4 pm. Joining details will be issued to registrants. On the back of rising global temperatures the HVAC-R market continues to grow with the integration of air conditioning in new buildings, and the electrification of energy for heating applications, which are expected to push up demand further in the future. Growing concerns over (climate change) the carbon impact of products and refrigerants and tightening energy efficiency legislation are fuelling the supply challenges that the market is already facing. The competitive landscape is pushing market players to seek most unusual joint venture partnerships as a means to drive business efficiency while increasing market share. Saziye will share her research into BSRIA's projections and direction of travel for the global HVAC-R markets.Can the market keep up with demand, and will this place restriction on the transition to zero-carbon targets for property in the lead up to 2050 and beyond.
Event Date 26-03-2020 4:00 pm
Event End Date 26-03-2020 5:30 pm
Cut off date 27-03-2020 12:00 am
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Join the EI East Midlands branch for a talk on the hydrogen economy. The speaker believes that there are good prospects for hydrogen, but that there is unlikely to be the all-encompassing 'hydrogen economy'. This view is based on his experience of British Gas in the 1950s and 60s. In the late 1950s, the British Gas industry was dying. It was based on town gas, a mixture that contained 50% hydrogen. In the important domestic energy sector, electricity was becoming more competitive. The gas industry was saved by moving away from coal, and using steam reforming processes which produced town gas at high pressure from naphtha, essentially a low grade petrol. When North Sea gas came in, every burner in Britain had to be changed. The cost was then about £500 million, but this was hidden from consumers. Can this, will this, happen again?
Event Date 18-02-2020 6:30 pm
Event End Date 18-02-2020 8:30 pm
Cut off date 18-02-2020 6:00 pm
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We are honoured to have the new global president of ASHRAE Darryl K Boyce visit us to deliver his inaugural presidential speech here in the UK Midlands. Darryl will be joined by one of the most interesting, and perhaps least considered aspects of building services design - cyber security. Michael Wigington of J Dunton Associates will discuss how we prevent our controls systems from becoming a back door cyber infection path to client organisations.
Event Date 08-10-2019 6:30 am
Event End Date 08-10-2019 8:00 pm
Cut off date 08-10-2019 5:00 pm
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Ashrae UK Midlands Chapter are proud to host our Student Competition and Conference. As well as our usual high quality student papers and awards ceremony we will also have two eminent speakers, Adam Taylor from WellAir and Martin Ronceray from BSRIA to present on Indoor Air Quality and Soft Landings respectively. See below and click the attachments for more details.

Event Date 03-09-2019 10:30 am
Event End Date 03-09-2019 3:00 pm
Cut off date 03-09-2019 9:00 am
Individual Price Free